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Under feet lick you tube
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It can be a common occurrence for a dog to have a foxtail penetrate the skin between its toes.

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Water dogs, such as retrievers, have webbing between toes to help them swim better in the water.

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Look between toes, on the top of the foot and between the pads on the bottom of the feet.

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Veterinarians sometimes see several cases a week of foxtails that have become lodged in a dog's paw.

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Bernard and the Newfoundland have large paws with greater surface that allow them to walk steadily and with ease on cold and icy terrain.

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My Labrador never needed his nails trimmed until he became very old.

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Often called lick granuloma, it's a form of self-trauma where the dog continuously licks a small area, most commonly the paw that becomes raw and inflamed.

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Be on the alert for foxtails if you take your dog hunting regularly.

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